17 Photos Everyone Who Grew Up With Braces Will Understand

1. The hardest decision of your life: #GrowingUpWithBraces The hardest decision of your life — Sincerely Tumblr (@SincerelyTumblr) 2. Getting your wires ...
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1. The hardest decision of your life:

2. Getting your wires trimmed:

3. The worst 45 seconds anyone could endure:

4. This painful reality:

5. The endless questions:

6. Not being able to enjoy anything, basically:


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7. Or eat things normally.

#growingupwithbraces not being able to eat this because the fear of your brackets break

— K. (@kaguidos_x33)

8. People who claim to WANT braces:

#growingupwithbraces when people with perfect teeth say “I wish I had braces

— JULY 29 (@kaytlindiane_)

9. When the ortho made you wear THESE:

#GrowingUpWithBraces you don’t know pain until you had these and everyone telling you that you look like a vampire

— wild julia (@euphoriasivan)

10. When you have to get them tightened:

#GrowingUpWithBraces when u get your braces tightened and slowly feel the pain

— Ray (@gh0stlysoul)

11. Going to school that first day:

” omg , do you have braces ? ” ” smile so I can see it ” #GrowingUpWithBraces

— sharky (@H0LYSHAWN)

12. The struggle:

#GrowingUpWithBraces still finding these in the house year after getting your braces off

— carol (@c_venable98)

13. Being convinced you didn’t have teeth left after they pulled this out:

#GrowingUpWithBraces you’ll know how disgusting this was

— Bojangles (@ThatWhiteBishh)

14. Lying to your ortho, because let’s face it:

#GrowingUpWithBraces “have you been wearing your rubber bands?”

— Common Black Girl (@CommonBlackGirI)

15. The rubber band struggle:

#growingupwithbraces having to take off your rubber bands in front of your friends and they look at you like

— mermaid man (@erynnecastro)

16. And of course, when you FINALLY got them removed:

#growingupwithbraces smiling at everyone and everything once you finally get them off like

— ashley nichole (@ashleyfortescue)

17. But then reality hits:

But then reality hits:

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