24 Times Muslims On The Internet Told It Like It Is

1. This time terms were definitely used correctly: Shawarma law. — Cultural Sovereignty (@Payitforward87) 2. This time a mosque had the perfect response to ...
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1. This time terms were definitely used correctly:

2. This time a mosque had the perfect response to bigotry, even after being a victim of arson:


3. That time they perfectly summarized collective guilt:


4. That time having ANY kind of beard was a real problem:


5. That time the media overhyped dawah efforts:


6. This time a question didn’t even deserve a response:


7. This time an anon should have gotten his priorities straight:


8. This time they made an excellent point about Fox News:

Things Fox News doesn’t believe in: 1. Science 2. Islamophobia 3. News

— haroon moghul (@hsmoghul)

9. This time they pointed out how much the media loves Muslims:


10. When they summed up the everyday life of a Muslim in America:


11. This time they made Imam Pepe to poke a little bit of fun:


12. That time they rejected horoscopes:


13. The time they found the REAL “bae”:


14. That time an anon assumed Muslim women were uneducated:


15. When they had their priorities straight:


16. When they spoke the truth with a smile:

When they spoke the truth with a smile:

17. This time when the praying in public struggle was all too real:

I was at the gym praying in the yoga room and 3 ladies started following my motions.That’s my story on how I accidentally led a yoga class.

— Hamzah (@Hamzah_AlS)

18. When this person properly celebrated the dead:


19. That time they set their terms for apologies:

As a random Muslim I’ll apologise for this Paris incident if random white ppl will apologise for imperialism, drone attacks and Iggy Azalea.

— Aamer Rahman (@aamer_rahman)

20. When they identified Shawn from Boy Meets World as a low-key Muslim:


21. When they took Bill Maher’s logic to its logical conclusion:

5 of the last 12 Nobel Peace Prize winners were Muslim. So according to Bill Maher, we’re all Peace Prize winners!

— Hend (@LibyaLiberty)

22. This time they showed how much of a privilege it is to wear the hijab:


23. When this really fucked up thing happened:


24. When they just showed us the facts:


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