30 Knitting Projects That Are Perfect For Summer

1. Drawstring Backpack When all you need to tote around is your bikini and some flip flops, a sturdy knit backpack will do. 2. Halter Tee A loose knit ...
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1. Drawstring Backpack

Drawstring Backpack

When all you need to tote around is your bikini and some flip flops, a sturdy knit backpack will do.

2. Halter Tee

Halter Tee

A loose knit halter tank is perfect to throw on with your favorite skirt or shorts.

3. Knit Pillow

Knit Pillow

Add some knit flare to your decor with a modern, abstract pillow.

4. Knitted Mini

Knitted Mini

What better way to show off your knitting skills than with a flirty summer mini skirt.

5. Lace Headwrap

Lace Headwrap

Sleep in and skip the shampoo; just hide that bedhead under a lace knit headwrap.

6. Beach Top

Beach Top

Beach bound? This is just the top you need to make before you hit the sand.

7. Seed Stitch Washcloths

Seed Stitch Washcloths

Scrub it up with gentle seed stitch washcloths.

8. Cabled Carry-All

Cabled Carry-All

You’ll be surprised just how much stuff you can fit in this beautiful cabled handbag.

9. Fold Over Tank

Fold Over Tank

An avant garde take on a simple, classic style.

10. iPad Case

iPad Case

Protect your iPad the best way possible: with knitted love!

11. Striped Tee

Striped Tee

Lightweight stripes are the definition of summer style.

12. Jersey Clutch

Jersey Clutch

Stash the essentials in a cool jersey clutch.

13. Crop Top

Crop Top

Knit crop top? Sure, why not!

14. Lace Shrug

Lace Shrug

Toss a pretty knit shrug over your shoulders for a wedding, black tie affair, or any fancy occasion you have coming up this summer.

15. Knit Shopper

Knit Shopper

For your books, magazines, iPad and more!

16. Striped Tank

Striped Tank

More stripes?! You can’t go wrong, really!

17. Stockinette Tee

Stockinette Tee

A simple cotton knit tee you’ll live in all season.

18. Bitty Bow Necklace

Bitty Bow Necklace

So you can rock your knits no matter how hot it is outside.

19. Swatch Art

Swatch Art

Put all of those gauge swatches to good use by framing and displaying them as art.

20. Asymmetrical Dress

Asymmetrical Dress

Who says a knit dress in summer isn’t practical?

21. Knit Paper Bangles

Knit Paper Bangles

We didn’t know you could knit with paper twine either!

22. Tie Back Cami

Tie Back Cami

A breezy tunic with a pretty tie back detail will keep you cool during even the most brutal of summer temps.

23. Scrap Pillow

Scrap Pillow

Use up those leftover yarn scraps to make a fun new throw pillow.

24. Big Knit Bow

Big Knit Bow

As far as knit hair bows go, we say the bigger the better!

25. Summer Sweater

Summer Sweater

Loose stitches = more breeze.

26. Chunky Knit Necklace

Chunky Knit Necklace

You this one!

27. Knit Stool

Knit Stool

Take a load off on a cozy knitted stool.

28. Knit Basket

Knit Basket

Stashing your yarn in a knit basket is kinda meta, no?

29. Knit Placemats

Knit Placemats

Seed stitch placemats make a nice addition to your everyday place settings.

30. Loopy Rug

Loopy Rug

Welcome guests with a hand knit loopy rug. Just make sure they don’t try to steal it when they leave.

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